Steven Zierk
Los Gatos, CA
Course 6-3 - Computer Science
The only thing greater than Steven's talent at chess is his penchant for destruction. Wood, drywall, and plaster may stand in his way, but only fleetingly, as he throws heed to the wind and belligerently bellows "Put it on my house bill." Keep your eyes peeled for this budding demolition expert at local hang outs, sporting ever-stylish pajama pants, and plotting his next remodel for the halls of 530.
Dillon McConnon
Cañon City, CO
Course 2 - Mechanical Engineering
Dillon is always willing to help you make those "happy little trees" and "happy little clouds" with the magic of your paintbrush, although make sure to pay him back for the paint. No seriously, you need to pay him back, right now....
Jordan Haines
Ferndale, MI
Course 6-3 - Computer Science
See Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson
Peekskill, NY
Course 15 - Management
Course CMS - Comparative Media Studies
In a groundbreaking live tweeting autobiography, @derekjohnson93's life will forever be remembered... by web caches everywhere #MaybeJordan.
Rodolfo Bustos
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Course 15 - Management
Rodolfo's friendliness knows no boundaries. But rest assured, he only has the kindest of intentions, merely wondering "are you okay, man?" Yes Rodolfo, we are.
Paul Heyse
Pittsburg, PA
Course 10 - Chemical Engineering
Chose not to be detailed in fear of being tracked. What we do know is that he is an avid milk drinker, hair dyer, and bed wetter.
Mario Morales
College Point, NY
Banned in most upstanding gambling establishments, Mario is a living embodiment of the idea that "It's better to be lucky than good." Mankind may never know his true potential because, as he will readily admit, he's lucky enough that he has never needed to develop skills of any kind. He's a valuable person to keep around as long as your interests align with his. However, one should never challenge him to a coin flip - he's never lost in his life.
James Anderson
Middlteton, MA
Course 9 - Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Swaddled in plastic, on balcony stands
The greenest of men that did ever here stand
Call him 'ol Jimbo, or Jimmy, or James
He's far too tall to remember his name
Alex Blickenstaff
Hillsborough, CA
Course 6-3 - Computer Science
A rare sight in the halls of Phi Kappa Sigma due to his severe allergies to hard work and conversation.
Yeremia Nakhaima
Las Vegas, NV
Course 9 - Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Night Man, sneaky and mean
Spider inside my dreams
The passionate, passionate Night Man
I'm feeling so wrong and right, man
I can't fight you, man
pin me down with your strong hands
And I become the Night...

530 Beacon St
Boston, MA 02215
Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity