Raymond Nguyen
Brockton, MA
Course 7 - Biology
Nicknamed Raymundo for his love of world music, cuisine, and Cups, Raymond is an avid sports fan, and can often be found cheering on his favorite Aussie Rules Football team, the Boston Demons. When he's not studying or going to class, Ray can often be found relaxing, playing fantasy cricket, or charming the ladies with tales of life in the B-Rock.
Malik Miller
Norwalk, CT
Course 2 - Mechanical Engineering
Just a regular guy... or is he? He has a habit of disappearing, like Batman, or your car keys. Like many Ninja, Malik is tasked with the protection of the citizens of his village, as well as intense team missions, like picking up the dry cleaning. When he enters a room, people are often known to exclaim his trademark catch phrase, "It's Malik Time!™"
Michael Pohl
West Palm Beach, FL
Course 16 - Aero-Astro
Michael comes to us from the shores of sunny south Florida. An aspiring young rocket scientist and entrepreneur, Michael hopes to work in the aviation industry and one day own his own company. When he's not working on the next generation of aircraft engines, you can find Michael shredding the water on his wakeboard, hitting up the terrain park on his snowboard, or cruising the mountainside on his dirtbike.
Alex Salazar
Colton, CA
Course 22 - Nuclear Science
Alex, not to be confused with Carlos, is a nuclear engineering major and Mexican-American. Don't worry--he's not going to blow you up, but if you perchance find him alone on his daily adventures, you will notice him looking slightly upward, and to the right, for no apparent reason. When he's not engaged in his intense rowing practicum, you can find him studying or finding the cure for cancer. Yup, this hipsterish Southern Californian, born and raised deep, deep down in the San Bernardino Valley, plans on changing the world, either through clean energy or social revolution. ¡Ya basta!
Ryan Keating
York, ME
Course 20 - Biological Engineering
Ever proud of his home state, Ryan "The MAINEiac" Keating enjoys studying, listening to music, and hanging out with his friends. He devotes a lot of time to his biological engineering studies on his computer (the MAINEframe) to ensure that he MAINEtains a high grade point average. He is also the lead singer of a rock band (The HuMAINE Society), and hosts an annual charity golf tournament (The MAINE Event). When he's not studying or hanging out, you can catch Ryan going out to see Avatar or a Blue Man Group performance. Or he's in Maine.
Carlos Castellanos
Bogotá, Colombia
Course 20 - Biological Engineering
Growing up in the slums of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Carlos was always running into trouble with a vicious local criminal syndicate known as the Le Carré Noir (English: The Black Square). Constantly dodging beatings by gang members, young Carlos knew the only way to escape the tyrannical reign of the Black Square would be to study hard and do well in school. Today, having escaped to America and well on his way to becoming a biological engineer at one of the world's most prestigious academic institutions, Carlos laughs in the face of the Black Square on an almost daily basis.
Benjamin Mayne
Fulton, MO
Course 6-7 - Computational Biology
[content redacted]
Jay Baxter
Hillsborough, CA
Course 6-3 - Computer Science
Is Jay Baxter the coolest guy this side of the Bay Area? Maybe, maybe not.

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Boston, MA 02215
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