John Vince Agard
Gaithersburg, MD
Course 12 - Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Course 8 - Physics
Known as Quicksilver to his friends, Vince is fast on his feet and quick with his wit.
One time, Vince and his friends had gone over to one of one of his friends house to play some video games. His friend had a dog and they played video games for a while. After defeating Scorpion with Sub Zero, Vince threw down the controller and declared, "Too easy." So eventually they went out to get pizza. Vince got a plain slice, but some of his friends got sicilians or pepperoni, or whatever. While they were walking to the pizzeria, some of Vince's friends wore sunglasses, because it was daytime, and the sun was out, and it was very bright and it is unpleasant to look at the sun without sunglasses. So they got some pizza, plains, sicilians, pepperonis, or whatever, and they went to the park. Not the playground, though, just a regular park with trees and grass and stuff like that. So Vince and his friends, some of whom had sunglasses on because it was bright out, were in the park and they saw this guy with a red sweater on. But it wasn't cold, so why was he wearing a sweater? They asked him, "Why are you wearing a sweater?" but he thought they were joking, because he must have thought it was a bit nippy. So they said, "No, no, really, why are you wearing a sweater, it's not cold, so you really don't need a sweater?" So then they walked around the park a bit and they saw a man with a dog and that was funny because the friend at whose house they played Mortal Kombat videogames had a dog, and they had been there and seen that friend's dog earlier that day, before getting pizza. They talked with the guy, who also didn't understand why that other man was wearing a sweater. He said, "It's not cold enough for a sweater. It's barely nippy!" So maybe it wasn't nippy after all, but that guy was still wearing a sweater, which they didn't understand. While on their way from the park back to the house with the dog of the friend with the dog, Vince told his friends, some of whom had sunglasses on, about his dream. "In my dream," Vince explained, " we were playing hide-and-seek, you know, where one person is the seeker and everyone else tries to hide so they aren't found. Except for some reason the seeker was this crazy woman who was killing everybody when she found them." Vince wasn't sure how he knew she was killing them, because they were all dead and weren't around to tell him that she had killed them, but he knew anyway. So, obviously, Vince didn't want to be found because then that crazy seeker would find him and she would kill him. So, to escape, he hid in an office building. He wandered around the office building and finally found an office that was open and went in and hid under the desk there. Under the desk he found lots of tiny pencils. And then, Oh no! a woman walked in and sat down in the chair and began working at the desk. So Vince asked her, why do you have so many small pencils? She told him that she was a female professional golfer, and so needed the tiny pencils to keep track of her strokes. That made sense, because who else has so many tiny pencils aside from a professional golfers and golf courses, and maybe professional miniature golfers and miniature golf courses. Anyway, the seeker somehow figured out that he was in the office building and came for him, to find him and to kill him, because that's what she was doing when she found people who were hiding from her during this game of hide-and-seek. So she found him and was just about to kill him, when the female professional golfer teed up and hit a golfball into the seeker's head, and her head exploded! Isn't that a weird dream? Vince thought it was. What made him dream about female professional golfers and hide-and-seek anyway? And what kind of twisted game of hide-and-seek resulted in the hiders being killed? Yeah, that dream was definitely weird, and Vince's friends agreed, but the man with the dog and the man with the sweater were gone already so they didn't hear the dream and didn't say whether it was weird one way or the other. They probably would have thought it was weird, though. So they left the park and walked back to the friend's house, with the dog, but not to play video games this time. Instead they just hung out, and listened to music, and talked, which was fun because that's how you get to know your friends, not really by playing video games. While they were sitting around hanging out, listening to music, and talking, they also had some chips with some dip. Then Vince had a great idea! Pizza dip. It's like pizza, and it's like dip, except that it's like both. He probably thought of it because they had gotten pizza earlier that day, before they went to the park, and because they were eating dip right then when he thought of it.

530 Beacon St
Boston, MA 02215
Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity