Bryn Waldwick
Hopkinton, NH
Course 3 - Materials Science
Course 18-II - Applied Mathematics
Bryn enjoys mundane diversions such as drawing, drinking milk, eating tater-tots, and playing tetherball. Recently, he has developed a knack for hip-hop dancing. Bryn enjoys the finer things, including vintage tee-shirts tucked into jeans and moon boots, and aspires to have skills - nunchuck, bowhunting, computer hacking among them - though he is pretty good with a bo staff and has unexplained illegal ninja moves from the government. Bryn has shot like 50 wolverines with his uncle, after those pesky varmints kept attacking his cousins. What the heck would you do in a situation like that?

530 Beacon St
Boston, MA 02215
Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity