Angel Irizarry
Stewartsville, NJ
Course 6 - EE-CS
In the frozen wastes of the motherland, sometimes there isn't much to do. While not occupying the venerable spot atop the Christmas tree, Angel is probably working as a steel erector during the day, so what's a few more biceps-pumping reps at night? Angel began his weightlifting career this way, working sometimes up to 16 hour shifts to make ends meet for his two young children and beautiful wife, Spasibo Nazdorovje Irizarry, then coming home for dinner (usually borscht), pumping out a few more reps, going to night class, putting the kids to bed, doing his homework and then, not without keeping Spas satisfied, going to bed. Sometimes that's what it takes to make it to MIT.

530 Beacon St
Boston, MA 02215
Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity