Jonathan Marcus
Potomac, Maryland
Course 6 - EE-CS
Jon loves the simple things in life... Wellesely chicks, Kashrus, Manischewitz, money, and Matisyahu. Also, the Wellesley chicks shouldn't not share these interests. What? None of this makes any sense to you? He doesn't even live in the house? Then you should see the size of his apartment...
Brad Schiller
St. Louis, MO
Course 2 - Mechanical Engineering
Brad is the team manager of the MIT Formula SAE team. A rabid Cardinals fan, Brad can be found watching baseball and is always up for a good argument over who is the best player in the game (Albert Pujols).
Nestor Lara
Chicago, IL
Course 16 - Aero-Astro
Jonathan Grimm
Sabetha, KS
Course 6-3 - Computer Science
From the dreary prairies of Kansas, once part of a region aptly called the Great American Desert for its aridity, though now a place that deserves the same name for its unbearable lack of people, entertainment, and life in general (oh slam!), Jon has transformed his life from that of a nerdy hick, to that of a...well, a nerdy bum. Computers and girls occupy most of his energy, and this guy will never be one to turn down a good time.
Bradley Sutton
Rochester Hills, MI
Course 22 - Nuclear Science
He majored in NukeE. Enough Said.
Sean Torrez
Corrales, NM
Course 16 - Aero-Astro
Sean Torrez, known more commonly as "el caballo del norte," is a dreamer and aristocrat. His interests are entemology and etymology, and he shares with many a feverish desire to explore the vast but strange world of pastry tasting. He is the person in the house most likely to appear on Jeopardy!.
Zheng Cao
Fairfax, VA
Course 6-3 - Computer Science
Zheng Cao (pronounced "Zangue") is one of the most comic brothers of Skullhouse.Inventor of the "LAN Party" and significant contributor to the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, Zheng is from China by way of the swampy area of Washington D.C. He likes to play poker and video games in his free time. Course VI doesn't leave much time for messing around but you will occasionally find him playing bombsketball (Super Smash brothers) with other brothers in the house.
Gajan Rajanathan
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Course 15 - Management
Course 14 - Economics
Chad Lieberman
Seacaucus, NJ
Course 16 - Aero-Astro
A senior in the Departments of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Mathematics, Chad enjoys playing poker, chess, golf, and soccer. When he's not raking the money in at the table, he's relaxing in front of the TV or jamming on his guitar with the JV band.

530 Beacon St
Boston, MA 02215
Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity