Patrick Wong
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Course 6-3 - Computer Science
Having failed to convince the world of Malayasia's significance through fencing, Patrick seeks to bring pride to his country while at MIT. He is dismayed at the high wages and excess of pronunciation in the United States. Patrick is eager to couple cheap manufacturing with fast, unintelligble management rhetoric as a social entrepenuer.
Porfirio Jauregui
Carson City, Nevada
Course 6-3 - Computer Science
"Like do you want like a description or something? Nah, bro. Nah." With that, he flies off into the Boston skyline, his plummage catching the glint of a blood red setting sun. Will we see this graceful creature again? All we can do is hope.
Alonzo Lopez
Los Angeles, CA
Course 2 - Mechanical Engineering
Look down. Originally the happiest of Snow White's eight dwarf friends, Alonzo was booted from the group after choosing the vato lifestyle. You might hear him in the basement gently playing the guitar and mouthing the songs of his people in preparation for his triumphant return.
Wesley Runnels
DeSoto, TX
Course 18 - Mathematics
We thought Juan wanted to be like Brother Zierk. Then we met Wesley. He lurks the halls of Skullhouse, his chin outstretched testing for booby traps cautiously as he searches for compatriates to subsist on Dominoes and Settlers of Catan.
Justin Herald
Woodbridge, VA
Course 2 - Mechanical Engineering
Battle cry: "Hodor! Hodor! Hodor!" Arm gesticulation: Level 85, Milk Drinking: Level 96, Power Attack: Justin summons the Hot Dad. For 10 turns he gains +50 to female swoon, +30 to beards, and +40 to facebook presence.
Ruben Peinado
Dallas, TX
Course 2 - Mechanical Engineering
A two-time champion in a real-life game of Final Destination, the one and only Ruben may actually be immortal. WARNING: Avoid contact of all Rubens with glass and water. Proceed with extreme caution when bringing Ruben into contact with any new substances due to severe risk of bodily harm or confusion.
Alex Knoedler
Cañon City, CO
Course 16 - Aero-Astro
Generally an upright, uptight, model of a young military man, Alex is most interesting when he transforms into his alter ego, Major Noodle. Major Noodle can often be found running in circles with his arms oustretched yelling, "I'm an airplane!" Yes, Major Noodle, you are an airplane. Fly, you fool.
Jared Conway
Roanoke, VA
Course 22 - Nuclear Science
He's a tremendous guy, a great brain, a fantastic brain and even bigger hands, let me tell you. He has orange hair and pink skin - everyone says he has the best genes, wonderful genes. He's on a mission to make Skullhouse great again. He's going to build a magnificent wall across the Charles River and the Geeds are going to pay for it, believe me. I know what I'm talking about - Jared, what a guy. The best guy.
Travis Leathrum
Chesapeake, VA
Course 2 - Mechanical Engineering
Travis likes to see the glass half full.
Travis prefers to see the glass half full.
Travis wishes all glasses could be half full.
If not in his dorm
He keeps the bench warm
Guffawing and clomping like a hick
A meister of jaeger
Living life with no chaser
From 0 to 100 back to 0 real quick.
Alexis Cuellar
Maywood, CA
Course 20 - Biological Engineering
1.5 oz Jerry curls
0.5 oz Peach schnapps
1.5 oz Orange or pineapple juice
1.5 oz Cranberry juice
.5 oz Chambord or creme de cassis (optional)
Don't stir or shake
Don't add any of that other FunnyJunk.
Pop your cuellar
And enjoy this bioengineer on the rocks
Rodrigo Carrillo-Sanchez
Chelmsford, MA
Course 6-3 - Computer Science
When not voluntarily (or involuntarily) working on everyday menial tasks for his beloved Brothers, Rodrigo can be found basking in the soothing noise of Daddy Yankee. However, once a week Rodrigo sheds his subservient shell and morphs into his fuccboi form: Penguido. As Penguido, he slips and slides egregiously around the dance floor hoping to crash into a mate. Casting his net far and wide, he constantly asks himself: are they cute though?
Joseph Edwards
Houston, TX
Course 6-2 - EE-CS
Roast Master Supreme. Wesley Snipes' Left Bicep. Joseph only goes for headshots, whether it's an unprovoked confrontation or his excuse for not doing his dishwashing. Can be found wearing his church clothes talking about how the house is 'actin' a fool'.
Israel Sosa
Del Rio, TX
Course 2 - Mechanical Engineering
We were beginning to think the appeal of the dad bod was a myth, then we met Israel. With his Wrangler dad jeans, squeaky clean New Balances and crispy ironed polo shirts, one can't deny that the ladies love Sosa. But we got bad news for you gals, this dad is taken.
Manny Montesino
Miami, FL
Course 18 - Mathematics
Better known as DJ PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, Manny's DJ'ing skills are only matched by his "that sassy head moving thing," and perhaps his sassy comebacks. You can listen to his DJ tracks unless copyright infringement, summer residents, or his unreciprocated love for Jill Stein tear him down first.
Nate Newhouse
New York, NY
Course 2 - Mechanical Engineering
"Working with wood floats my boat."
-Nate 'New House, Old Values' Newhouse
Shane Lyons
Brunswick, ME
Course 18 - Mathematics
You won't read this bio for the joke. Always looking for the proper move, Chase looks at his pledge brothers to give him the final push as he sends a Quarter Pounder challenge.
Hector Castillo
San Antonio, TX
Course 2A - Mechanical Engineering
After leaving That 70's Show, Kelso joined the hallowed halls of Skullhouse in an attempt to finally surpass his far superior twin, Joaquin. You can get him to do anything really, like running into a wall at full-speed, if you tell him it'll make him the cooler one.
Liam Fenlon
Chappaqua, NY
Course 6-14 - Computer Science, Economics and Data Science
There once was a young man on Beacon,
His knees, for chaser would weaken,
With peanuts forbidden,
His bike, he had ridden,
And still, a mailbox unbeaten.
Albert Menio
East Stroudsburg, PA
15-2 - Business Analytics
Albert's affinity for dessert toppings is eclipsed only by his passion for sending things. What are you sending all the time? Should the rest of us send them, too? We want to know.
Remy Basset-Audain
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Course 6-3 - Computer Science
Degenerate sage. Sage degenerate. A linguist of great cunning. Beware his conversational skills -- they'll make you self-conscious.
Chase Warren
The Woodlands, TX
Course 2 - Mechanical Engineering
Chase and Shane were nearly twins
An untrained eye, would find akin,
Side by side, all the while,
Each others presence, made them smile.
Summer season, held high hopes,
But Chase had gone off to elope.
Zuck had come and swooned him so,
And broke the bond from long ago.
Shane had never felt such pain,
At last an ally had been slain.
Iggy Ortega
Miami, FL
Course 2A - Mechanical Engineering
After many like failed like assassination attempts, Iggy, a like, communist revolutionary, has blessed the like hallowed halls of Skullhouse with like unlimited knowledge about fairness, brotherhood, like, and safe sex as Pi.
Eke Wokocha
San Diego, CA
Course 15 - Management
404 Not Found. This brother is not available.
Daniel Korsun
New Canaan, CT
Course 8 - Physics
Daniel Korsun is the 37th album in the Kidz Bop series. He was released in November 1998. He features new hits such as "Love Story," "22," and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

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