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Established in 1903, Phi Kappa Sigma has a long and storied history here at MIT. Despite the academic rigors of arguably the world's most prestigious technical institution, the Brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma have not only endured, but have thrived, finding success both during their time at the Institute and after graduation. We are very proud to be part of such a diverse band of Brothers - it's almost a guarantee that someone in the house shares your interests. The Brothers of Skullhouse are student group leaders, varsity sportsmen, film directors, chess champions, avid partiers, bloggers, venture-funded startup founders, ice boat sailors, and talented musicians, to name a few. Our members come from as far away as Malaysia and as close as Boston.
Of course, what's a great fraternity without a great home? Our beautiful six-story brownstone has been home to Phi Kaps for over a century, and it truly is an amazing place to live. The great part about living in a house like ours is that there's always someone to hang out with and something to do, whether it be playing piano in our music room, getting a game of pool going in the basement, jamming with other musicians, or just hanging out in someone's room. To unwind from MIT's demanding academics, every week our home is host to great parties which are wonderful opportunities to unwind and socialize with other Brothers and our guests.
At Skullhouse, we pride ourselves on providing members with a fraternity experience that exceeds expectations, and our strong alumni network is a testament to the bonds that you form with every Phi Kap, at MIT and across the nation. Joining Phi Kappa Sigma means joining one of the nation's leading fraternal organizations, but it also means joining a group of men who will become a part of your family for the rest of your life. Come be a part of the legendary Skulls!

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